Topic outline


    PREDRIVER is comprised of learning activities and official material. Take a look at our Curriculum and check out Chapter 01 Demo - Rules of the Road. You can also see a demo version of our Final Exam.

    Every chapter is interactive, with several learning activities to ensure a great learning experience. 

    • Chapter 1 - Rules of the Road

      As a new driver, it’s important to be educated on the rules of the road. In the hands of a responsible driver, a motor vehicle is a safe and reliable way to get from point “a” to point “b”.

      However, operated by an irresponsible driver, a vehicle becomes a machine of destruction, and its victims could be wildlife, other people, your loved ones, or even yourself if you don’t do it right.

      Taking the time to get to know the rules of the road is the first step to becoming a dynamic and successful driver, and also the first step in acquiring your licence.

      • Final Exam

        We show you four questions that represent the Final Exam of the course. Each question has a different dynamic and provides a score according to official guidelines.

        Click on the link below to access the exam.